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This weeks SGARewind "Be All My Sins Remember'd"

This weeks #SGARewind episode is "Be All My Sins Remember'd" from season 4. We will start at 9 PM EST and our West Coast Rewind will start at 9 PM PST. The news of the Stargate franchise being either shelved indefinitely, or completely has effected us all. Come join us and rewatch, discuss and reminisce about one of our favorite shows. ***PLEASE NOTE: We are changing the start time for the East Coast Rewind to 9 pm. NO CHANGE will be made to the West Coast Rewind.***

Remember if you join us on Twitter, please tag your tweets with #Stargate (if you wish to use the #SGARewind tag as well please do) and follow our Twitter at: *We are changing the hash tag to raise awareness of the Stargate franchise.* If you don't want to "spam" your Twitter account, you can also join us in the Pegasus chat room as well! We chat about the episode, the series, the actors and just about anything and everything else! *Important note: You do have to be a member of the forum to get into the chat room, so if you aren’t already a member, please sign up today so you can chat with us Friday!*

We hope to see you there!